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Custom Orders FAQ

What is a Custom Order?

A custom order is an order that includes a product that I don't have available on the website or could also be a special design that is not listed as an option on my website. It could also include an order of items you wish to add your logo on. Another example of a custom order would be if you wanted to order linen napkins for your wedding place settings! The possibilities are endless!

Are there minimum order quantities (MOQ) for Custom Orders?

Some custom orders have a minimum number of items you must purchase in order to place an order. Other items just have an additional cost. I decide these on a case-by-case basis based on what the customer is needing and my availability to complete the project.

Can you do custom logos for businesses?

As long as you own the rights to the logo, Yes! Logos have to be digitized to the standards of my machine- basically a program is written so my machine knows where to stitch next- at a starting cost of $25 per logo. There are additional costs for larger logos which we will discuss as necessary. Most logos will end up costing $25.

Is there a specific turnaround time for these custom items?

The more lead time you can give me is always the best! I will accept these projects based on my current availability.

Can I purchase more quantities of products you have on the website than are available?

Definitely! For purchasing bulk items or more items than I have available, please send me a message and we can work out details!

Do you provide mockups of custom work?

Absolutely! When I digitize a logo, one stitch-out is included to make sure the logo is what you are looking for!