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On Board Bag - My Peeps

On Board Bag - My Peeps

The perfect bag for all your summer needs! Use it as your makeup bag, or like I do for your sunscreen! If you're anything like me, you have different sunscreens for different reasons: one for your face, the rest of your body, your kids, your husband, different forms such as spray and lotion, and also a lip balm with SPF! This bag can hold up to 8 full size bottles, even Costco size bottles! Personalize it with your last name, initials, or label it with SPF so your husband knows which bag to grab when you instruct him to apply sunscreen to your kiddos!

The sizes can be sold as a set or individually!

Big On Board Bag - 11.5w x 4.0d x 7.5h

Mini on Board - 6w x 3.5d x 4.5h

Whether you use this pouf at home, for travel, as a quick diaper bag or simply keeping your bag organized, this will sure to be your unsung hero. The natural bamboo pullers and stain resistant and wipeable inside and out features are sure to help this bag become one of your favorites!

On Board Bag - 8.25" l x 5.5"h x 4"d

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